Nuestro objetivo es luchar por paliar el sufrimiento de los niños y colectivos en riesgo de exclusión social.

AG Children

Already in our youth, we became concerned with searching for a better path to help those less fortunate than ourselves and, on several occasions, we took advantage of different trips to countries in Africa and Asia to personally take school supplies and sports equipment to the orphanages that were most in need there.

In time, the need to help those boys and girls grew and, together with several friends who shared our concerns, we saw the chance to considerably improve the quality of life of many of the children that we had come across. We began to think about how best to fulfill our objective and strengthen our commitment and decided to set up a charity, which concluded with the creation of the Foundation “AG Children”.

The main aim of “AG Children”, as explained under the Purpose of the foundation, is to fight to mitigate the suffering of child populations and collectives of persons in risk of social exclusion; to improve their life expectancy and to help with their development, quality of life and education, insofar as possible, both in developing countries and those in the so-called fourth world, as well as the aforementioned collectives in developed countries.


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